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If you are shopping for barbecues, grills, or smokers, be sure to consider wood pellet grilling for that perfect wood smoke flavor.  (See the list of wood pellet grills below).  A wood pellet smoker / grill will smoke, roast, bake, or grill.  It is easy to operate and requires less attention to keep at a constant temperature.  The wood pellets are available in several wood "flavors", such as hickory, alder, cherry, or mesquite. 

For easy storage of the multiple wood pellet flavors, be sure to consider the PelletCan, which also provides a handy food preparation surface, plus a barbecue tool rack, and is available in portable and table top models.

How a Wood Pellet Grill Works

Wood pellet grills are fueled by compressed hardwood pellets.  The wood pellets are loaded into a hopper, which is usually at the side or back of the grill.  From the hopper the wood pellets are fed into a fire box at the bottom of the grill via an electric powered auger.   The pellets are then lit by an electric igniter rod that starts the pellets burning.  The auger is controlled by a thermostat to keep just the right amount of pellets burning to provide the perfect slow smoking and barbecuing conditions.  A fan is is activated which cools and keeps smoke out of the hopper, as well as providing air movement in the cooking area to enhance the convection heating abilities.  The indirect convection heating provides the ability to cook a roast or turkey to perfection and also to bake breads, pizza, or pies.

Wood Pellet Grill Manufacturers
Wood Pellet Grill Manufacturers Internet  Models
Cookshack Smokers Fast Eddy's
Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone
    Jim Bowie
Grilla Grilla Pellet Smoker-Grill
Louisiana Grills (Colonial Barbecue Grills) Little Louie
Louisiana Grills (Country Smokers - Smokin' Grills) TG-300 'The Tailgater'
    Whole Hog Smoker
    Super Hog 
MAK Grills MAK Grill 2 Star General
Memphis Wood Fire Grills Memphis Pro
    Memphis Advantage
    Memphis Select
    Memphis Built-In
Royall Grills Royall 1000
    Royall 2000
    Royall 3000
Traeger Grills Junior
    Lil Tex Grill
    Lil Tex Elite Grill
    Texas Grill
    Traeger XL
    Lil Pig Grill
    COM190 Double Trailer 
    COM200 Large Trailer
Woodmaster Pellet Grills Woodmaster Deck Pellet Grill


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